127. Trick


Movie: Trick

Release Date: July 23, 1999

Director: Jim Fall

Starring: Christian Campbell, John Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling, Lorri Bagley, Brad Beyer, Steve Hayes, Clinton Leupp.

Tag Lines: “A story about two guys trying to make it in the big city.”

Relevance: Some people burst out of the closet door, others are dragged. Unfortunately my experience was the latter. I didn’t come out as gay until June of 1998 at the already old age (at least in the gay world) of twenty-seven. It wasn’t a pleasant time for me, but I survived. Those first two years of being an out and proud homosexual were spent in work, music and movies. Thankfully those three things combined led me to ‘Trick.’

In 1999, I was working as a store manager for a music and movie store in a god awful upstate town in New York state. Since my life was pretty much kept to myself, I threw myself into the job. In the summer of 1999 while putting away a shipment of CD’s, I ran across the soundtrack to the movie ‘Trick.’ I immediately opened it and added it to the in-store playlist as “manager’s choice.” I absolutely loved it. In fact, I bought that very same CD that day and took it home with me, to the relief of my employees. My employees only listened to rap, country and heavy metal, so the quick removal of the dance music was greeted with smiles and applause.

The soundtrack was completely euphoric and I loved the dance remakes of “Dream Weaver” and “I Am Woman,” but the second track “Unspeakable Joy” by Kim English was my jam. I played it non-stop. To this day, it is the one song that will get me dancing. The soundtrack also offered glimpses into the film with Tori Spelling (yes, that Tori Speling) singing and quotes like “It’s big. It’s beautiful and you’re going to love it.” So of course, I had to seek it out.

The film didn’t play in theaters anywhere around where I lived at the time and I had to wait for its home video release for me to finally see it. When my store received it on VHS, I bought it and watched it that same day. Now, I really wasn’t expecting too much. Many LGBTQ films at that time were not really that great. Most of them had poor screenplays and acting and I usually wasn’t a fan. But since I was still listening to the incredible soundtrack, I thought maybe I would get lucky. Boy did I ever get lucky.

‘Trick’ was a delightful, charming, often hilarious tale of boy meets boy. Its premise was simple, but the execution was romantic and flawless thanks mostly to its glorious cast. Christian Campbell was so adorable as the male lead looking for love, or really looking to get laid. I really connected with that character and saw a lot of myself in him. Mr. Campbell played him so beautifully that you couldn’t help but root for him the entire time. Jean Paul Pitoc was equally impressive and looked pretty darn hot in a g-string. The duo made a very believable couple on screen with tremendous chemistry. Throw in a cute dog, a very funny Tori Spelling and the fierce Miss Coco Peru and I finally found a great LGBTQ film I could celebrate.

‘Trick’ was a movie that I have watched over and over throughout its twenty years of existence. I now own it on DVD and never tire of watching it. There is a rumor that there will be a sequel released sometime in the near future. Fingers crossed that it comes to fruition. Until then I have the original to love and the soundtrack to boogie too whenever I need a pick-me up.

Today’s Thoughts: “You ever get cum in your eye Gabriel, hmm? It burns!”

‘Trick’ is such a beautiful, funny, romantic film. I know that I watched it sometime last year, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited to watch it again today. In preparation, I blared “Unspeakable Joy” in my headphones during my bike ride. That song never gets old. Neither does the film.

It is simple but, like the song, brings me so much unspeakable joy. I just love the characters and it makes me smile the entire time. That is, except when I am crying. Yes, the romantic in me seeps out at the end of the film and I always tear up. I can’t help it. I am my mother’s son. Sometimes I love me a good romantic tale.

The cast is really great. Christian Campbell, John Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling, Lorri Bagley, Brad Beyer, Steve Hayes, Missi Pyle and Clinton Leupp (aka Miss Coco Peru) are all fantastic. They are still so much fun to watch even though some of the script is dated, due only to when the film was made. The themes though have not gone out of style and are just as relevant today as they were back in 1999.

I am so glad that I stumbled across ‘Trick’ and its accompanying soundtrack. They came out right after I did. Perfect timing to say the least. I always recommend this film to anyone, straight or otherwise that loves a good romantic comedy. Deep down, that’s all it really is, and a successful one at that.

Ways to Watch: YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime, DVD Availability.


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