253. The First Wives Club


Movie: The First Wives Club

Release Date: September 20, 1996

Director: Hugh Wilson

Starring: Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith, Dan Hedaya, Bronson Pinchot, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marcia Gay Harden, Stephen Collins, Victor Garber.

Tag Lines: “Getting even… this fall.”

“Don’t get mad. Get everything.”

Relevance: Unlike many other movies on this list, ‘The First Wives Club’ doesn’t have any real story behind why it is so important to me. I don’t remember the first time I saw it, although I do know that it wasn’t in theaters. There was no significant event happening in my life around the time that I finally did see it. I didn’t read the book on which it is based. It didn’t broaden my horizons to any new way of thinking, change my career path or help me get through a difficult time in my life. Then why is it on my list of most influential movies of all time? It’s just simply one of my favorite movies of all time.

Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton were all favorites of mine, so even if the movie was not a quality picture, I still probably would have liked something about it. But it was a quality film. Those three strong women proved that women are funny and can produce and star in funny movies. It was the ‘Bridesmaids’ of its time. Now I did love ‘Bridesmaids,’ but I’m sorry to say it did not make the cut and you will not find it as part of this project.

Funny. Funny. Funny. And I know funny. That’s exactly what this movie is. Funny. I have watched this film so many times, I am sure it is close to a thousand times by know. And every single time, I laugh. Out loud. Every. Time. I have rented it numerous times. Laughed. I then bought the VHS. I laughed again. I then upgraded to DVD. I laughed in higher definition. When it is playing on TV, I will watch it. And guess what? I laugh. When I can’t find anything to watch on one of my streaming services, if I run across this movie, I watch it. You know it’s coming…I laugh. For me this movie never gets stale. Even though I anticipate the jokes or silly capers about to happen, they still amuse me to no end. That’s a good movie.

This movie is quoted and referenced almost daily in my life. I have so many friends that share the love of this film and adore it as much as I do, it is easily a part of at least one conversation a week, probably more. The story, screenplay and entire ensemble, not just those three glorious ladies, are all superb in the film and have given me years of entertainment even when I am not watching it.

Today’s Thoughts: ‘The First Wives Club’ was just on one of our television channels last week. Guess what? I watched it. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t super excited to watch it again today. Because I was. Very much so. I needed to laugh. And I did.

There are so many great gags and high jinks in the movie it is easy to lose sight of the great message it has at its essence. But with lines like this, I totally understand:

“If I give you one more face lift you’re going to be able to blink your lips!”

“There she is. Princess Pelvis!”

“I do have feelings. I’m an actress. I have all of them.”

“Oh, Daddy. I’m a lesbian. A big one.”

There really is not much more I can say about the ‘The First Wives Club.’ I adore everything about it. It’s glorious and silly and despite having Kathie Lee Gifford in it as a cameo *rolls eyes* it will always be a movie that makes me smile, laugh and love.

Awards: Academy Award for Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score, Marc Shaiman (nomination), National Board of Review Award for Best Acting by an Ensemble (winner),

Ways to Watch: YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Netflix, DVD Availability.


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